MEET GARY: Graduate of CIT Online Diploma of Project Management

Published: 27 Oct 2022

Graduate of CIT Online Diploma of Project Management

Gary is finishing a 20-year career in Defence and is set to retire in October this year. He studied CIT’s Diploma of Project Management program to both improve his skills within Defence and to provide options for a career change. For instance, job opportunities in the private sector, continuing in government, or going into academia. This program helped Gary to translate his Defence skills and experience into the project management field.

Gary was familiar with the calibre of educational institutions in Canberra, as he had previously been posted in Australia’s capital while on exchange. A colleague of his had recommended he explore the project management programs on offer, and after evaluating CIT along with other options including the Australian National University (ANU) and the University of NSW (UNSW), CIT stood out. Gary discovered that the cost-benefit and value prospect offered by CIT’s Diploma in Project Management was superior to an undergraduate or master's degree at another institution.

Here’s what he thought about studying project management online with us!

  1. Why did you choose to study the online Diploma of Project Management at CIT? What is the background that brought you here, and what are your career interests?

    Project management is a growing field and internationally recognised skill set with opportunities across industries and in government and non-profits. I was looking for a condensed and focused program with a good monetary value to help me better understand the project management field, translate my government experience to a business environment, and go beyond study guides for the PMP exam. The online and self-paced text methodology provides great flexibility and is perfect for busy working professionals.

  2. What was like to study CIT Project Management Program Online? How did it affect your studies?

    CIT’s  online learning environment is simple, user-friendly, easy to use and intuitive. The clear layout and instructions reduced wasted time in administrative chores allowing me to focus on the learning the course content.

  3. What was your experience with eLearn, communicating with your teachers, workload, etc remotely? What can future students expect if they were to study this online course?

    CIT’s eLearn online learning environment is simple, user-friendly, easy to use and intuitive. The clear layout and instructions reduced wasted time in administrative chores allowing me to focus on the learning the course content. Teachers were very accessible and responsive to inquires with clear and concise feedback. As an international student, despite the time zone change, I always received prompt feedback from the course coordinator and instructors. Students using eLearn should expect a simple and pleasant user experience that keeps the red tape to a minimum and prioritises learning.

  4. What did you like about the course, what were the benefits? Were there challenges about this mode of delivery?

    The key benefit for me was the self-paced nature of the course, allowing me to manage my time and rate of effort around a busy work-life balance. I do prefer in person instruction over online, but this is the just about the best online method available.

  5. What was your teacher/s like? Do you recommend them?

    Instructors were great. I would especially commend and recommend Ms. Sarah Silver as highly professional and always responsive.

  6. Tell us about your time after graduation. Where are you working now? Did your course help you to get a job?

    I am still working in Defence but have several opportunities in other sectors to apply my PM skills and experience. I was able to immediately apply some of what I learned in my current work environment to improve processes and produce better results. I am confident that being able to demonstrate that I not only passed the PMP exam but have a credential that confers relevant knowledge and experience will provide a competitive edge in job searching.

  7. What is your advice to future students interested in studying at CIT?

    CIT is an excellent educational and training organisation, and I very much enjoyed my experience.

  8. Would you recommend this course?

    Absolutely. I believe the CIT Diploma in Project Management is broad and flexible enough to apply to college students, young professionals just starting out, and in my case, mid-career professionals with 15-20 years of working experience.

  9. Any other feedback for us?

    I am grateful for CIT for designing this course offering for online international delivery in just a few short months as I understand that this was the first iteration of this course in this manner and was initiated upon my request.

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