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CIT is located in Canberra, Australia's Capital City. The Canberra region is modern, vibrant and diverse with a cosmopolitan lifestyle and home to some of Australia's best national attractions. Canberra has the lowest unemployment rate in Australia and is also Australia’s most educated city, offering some of the country's finest educational institutes.

As one of the world's most livable cities, Canberra offers the ultimate work/life balance with access to world-class facilities, stunning natural surrounds and great career opportunities.

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Canberra Student Guides

Canberra LITE Student Guide PDF

An abbreviated version of the full guide for new students seeking quick ‘need to know’ information. (21 Pages)

Comprehensive guide to Canberra for all new interstate and international students, similar to the Student Guide we have produced in recent years (92 pages)

Canberra's Top Rankings

  • Canberra is Australia's education and research capital due to the large amount of education and research institutions in the ACT.
  • Consistent with the highest educational attainment, Canberra has the highest average earnings and lowest unemployment in Australia.
  • Canberra ranks among the top 20 student cities in the world, coming in at 17th.
  • The median age of Canberra residents is 34, which is lower than in any State in Australia. This has resulted in a dynamic, cosmopolitan culture with a diverse array of clubs, societies and activities across all four seasons.
  • The OECD has ranked Canberra the most liveable region in the world.
  • With extensive parklands and recreation opportunities, Canberra has the most active residents in Australia.

Canberra's Location and Population

  • Canberra is located 282 kilometres from Sydney and is 150 kilometres inland from the east coast.
  • Renowned as being one of the most well planned cities in the world, with minimal traffic jams.
  • Boasts clean air, blue skies and is referred to as "The Bush Capital" because of the natural landscape with open spaces, parks and expansive native vegetation.
  • Population of over 467,000 people


Canberra is a food lover's paradise featuring an eclectic mix of cuisines, events and food experiences. Hosting some of the country's most exciting food and beverage offerings, Canberra boasts award-winning restaurants, cafés, vineyards, bars and baristas.

National Attractions

Canberra is home to some of Australia's most renowned national attractions including world-class cultural institutions. Some of these include:

Multicultural City

Canberra is a safe and welcoming city. With around 25% of the population born overseas, we host more than 100 diplomatic missions and their associated communities. Many multicultural events are held in Canberra throughout the year including the annual Multicultural Festival.

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Here are some great websites with everything you need to know about Canberra, including our restaurants and bars, galleries and museums, events, accommodation options and more.

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