Overseas Health Cover

The Australian Government requires that international students have health cover for the entire duration of their visa. Overseas Health Cover or OSHC helps to pay for your medical care while you're in Australia.

To remain compliant with your visa conditions, your health cover must start before you arrive in Australia. Should you need to arrive in Australia early, you must contact your OSHC provider to request a change of date to your coverage. You may be required to pay additional costs.

CIT's OSHC provider is Allianz Care Australia. You are not obliged to take up your health cover through Allianz Care Australia, you can choose to arrange your own OSHC through your preferred OSHC provider.

Visit the Allianz Care Australia website for more information.

Please let the CIT International know if you wish to use an alternative provider that you have arranged yourself.

Frequent Asked Questions about OSHC

How do I get my membership card?

If you have organised your OSHC with another provider, you will need to speak to them about getting your membership card, what is included in your cover, and how to make a claim

If your health cover is with Allianz Care Australia, you can access your e-membership card and lodge a claim through their app: Allianz MyHealth app

To use the app, you will need to register your policy through the MyHealth Student Members portal.

You will also need to provide your family name information.

If you are unable to obtain a membership card online, contact CIT International or an Allianz OSHC representative via email: OSHCACT@allianz-assistance.com.au

What does OSHC cover?

OSHC is health insurance that provides cover for the costs of:

  • Out of hospital medical treatment
  • In hospital medical treatment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Emergency ambulance assistance

How do I make a claim to Allianz Care Australia?

You can claim in person, at a branch, or online via MyHealth or the Allianz Care Australia App. For more information about your OSHC policy, extras cover, finding a doctor, and making a claim, read the Allianz Care website or phone them on 13 OSHC (13 6742).

Why do I need to show that I have OSHC for the duration of my student visa?

The Australian government is concerned about the safety of international students in Australia and health care is one aspect of that safety.

If you or a family member need medical treatment and you do not have OSHC you must pay for all your medical bills without assistance. The potential cost of medical treatment in Australia may be high.

Is there an OSHC representative on campus?

Due to COVID-19 safety measures, there are currently no Allianz representatives on-campus. Once representatives return to campus this information will be updated.