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Student Stories

John J Rios Cruz
John J Rios Cruz

Advanced Diploma of Leadership Management

I'm studying Leadership and Management, and Canberra was my first choice as a place to study. This course satisfied what I was looking for.

My course

I'm studying Leadership and Management, and Canberra was my first choice as a place to study. I was thinking about doing a Masters, but I think this course satisfied what I was looking for, to improve my skills as a leader and that kind of thing.

Here you have people that are working in the environment and they can come here and share ideas and their experiences. For me that's a preferable option compared to university and going to lectures. That's the reason I picked CIT.

In class, I enjoyed being able to listen to all these stories and case studies involving real professionals in the field, and learning about topics like managing diversity. It was very practical. When I finish my course I can go to a company and say 'I know how to implement a diversity policy'.

There are many subjects that I really like here which aren't just applicable to my job, but also to my life. In particular there's one about emotional intelligence, which for me was really good. It covered social-awareness, self-awareness, and other emotional intelligence topics. That helped me with my personal life, as well as my work life.

My CIT experience

What I was looking for was the chance to learn real skills in an adult environment.   Everyone has experience, and since the group is not that big you can sit face to face and get to know everyone.

Last year when I started I went to CITSA, they gave me support and it was helpful because I was new to the city. Through it I met a lot of other international students.

My Canberra experience

Because of living in Canberra I love going hiking and running. There are lots of activities to do, but you have to search for them. Plus I have learned a lot about Australia by going to the National Museum, the National Gallery and similar places.

My next step is to start putting my training into the real world. I want to open a marketing company. That's my background, and what I want to do is gather creative people like me and get into social marketing and marketing media.

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