Benefits of using a CIT Agent

CIT has written agreements with registered Educational Agents around the world. They offer support and advice about studying at CIT and living in Canberra and will assist you with your visa and study applications, plus your English language testing requirements. They also deal directly with CIT on your behalf, making the application process easier for you.

Advice and Guidance

CIT Educational Agents can give you information about studying at CIT and living in Canberra, so you can ensure you’re making the right decision before you apply. This information may include courses offered, visa requirements, travel information, CIT English language testing, accommodation options and more.

Expert Knowledge

CIT Educational Agents have excellent knowledge about the Australian education sector, the CIT application process and visa restrictions that may affect you.

Assistance and Support

CIT Educational Agents will help you to complete your application forms, will deal directly with CIT, and will submit the application on your behalf, making the process much easier for you. They will also follow the application process, and help you apply for a student visa to ensure that you arrive safely in Canberra to commence your studies with CIT.

If you choose to apply to CIT through an agent, you must ensure they are a registered and contracted agent for CIT. Search for a registered CIT Educational Agent.