Canberra Transportation

You can get around Canberra easily by using either taxis or buses. There are also great cycling and walking tracks.


Local bus services within the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) are operated by Transport Canberra.

MyWay cards are the convenient way to travel on Canberra buses. The cards are designed to be easy to use and the majority of passengers will enjoy cheaper travel. Passengers just have to remember to "tag on" at the start of the journey and "tag off" at the end of the journey. Tagging off ensures the cheapest fare is applied.

Top up the card using credit card, cash or Bpay. Buses do not operate between midnight and 6am, and after 7pm on Sundays and public holidays. See the Transport Canberra website for further information


Taxis will take you anywhere you want to go. Phone ahead or wait at a taxi rank. Companies will accept credit cards and electronic funds transfer.

For more information regarding the taxi companies and their services, visit the following websites: