Understanding your Letter of Offer

When you receive your Letter of Offer for a program that you applied for, it is very important to read and understand your letter of offer before you accept it.

On the letter of offer, you will be able to obtain the following information;

  • Program details that you applied for,
  • The default date for your program
  • Student visa conditions,
  • Payment of tuition fee,
  • Overseas Student Health Cover,
  • Refund of tuition fee and
  • Cancellation or withdrawal from your program
  • CIT's Terms and Conditions of acceptance into your chosen program

If you are applying to change to another program within CIT, you will need to complete a change of course form in order to receive a new Letter of Offer. When you do receive the new Letter of Offer, you are then required to sign, date and return it along with any conditional supporting documentation to the International Services Unit for further processing.

Please ensure that you have read and understand your Letter of Offer before accepting it. See Letter of Offer for more information.