CIT International Student Orientation Event - July 2024

Published: 11 Jun 2024

CIT International Student Orientation Event - July 2024

Our July 2024 New Student Orientation session is right around the corner!

A warm welcome to our new and existing students from around the world. We’re excited for you to join us for a new year of learning. If you’re a new international student starting a program this year at CIT, the July 2024 CIT International Student Orientation session is coming up!

It's a fun and informative event for new students, designed to kick start your program and set you up for success at CIT. During Orientation, you will learn about support services available for international students, employment opportunities, and important information about your course and enrolment.

Orientation is the perfect chance to meet fellow students and make new friends while preparing yourself for success during your course. It's a great networking opportunity where you will meet CIT staff, college directors, student advisors, and pastoral care officers at the event.

Orientation Details:


Please be sure to check your emails for the invitation with details and register online before the day.

Registration is mandatory to attend the event for enrolment and catering purposes.

If you did not receive an invite, please contact our friendly team via email on

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