When should I start applying for accommodation?

It is very important that you research your accommodation options BEFORE you leave your country. When you arrive in Canberra you will find that it takes some time to be accepted in to accommodation.

Do NOT leave it until the last minute to plan where you will live.

When do I need to get my accommodation application in by?

We recommend you apply at the beginning of September the year before you commence study. The earlier you send through your application the higher chance you have of getting a place on residence. You can apply by completing the Accommodation Booking Form. You will need to return the form to the Accommodation Officer at the International Services Unit using the contact details shown on the form.

How much does it cost to submit your accommodation application?

A fee of $150 (AUD) for international students and $75 (AUD) for domestic students will apply to your agreed first accommodation placement. The fee is payable upon receiving your accommodation placement confirmation.

Who qualifies to stay in CIT student accommodation?

You need to be a CIT student accepted to study a full time CIT course.  You must be 18 years of age or over.  Preference is given to first time International and Regional students coming to Canberra for the first time to begin their studies. If you are a student who is under the age of 18 then you can apply to live in a Homestay.

What do I need to bring with me when I travel to Australia for my accommodation?

See the Planning Your Arrival page for some tips on what to prepare before you come to Australia and what to bring with you.

What alternative student accommodation is available if I do not get accepted into CIT student accommodation?

If you need to find somewhere else to live because you were not accepted in to CIT student accommodation don't worry. You can look at the page Accommodation Options for International and Regional Students which tells you about the other accommodation types you can live in in Australia. You can choose from the Homestay Living option, or you might like to Rent or Share Accommodation.

What does the Accommodation Officer do?

The CIT Accommodation Officer is available to help regional and international students with accommodation placement and offer support for students living in CIT residences. They also manage accommodation facilities and organise maintenance for the CIT residences. The Accommodation Officer is located at the CITSA bookshop on the Bruce campus. To enquire about accommodation please book in an appointment or drop in to the office.

Do I have to use the airport pick-up service?

No, it is not compulsory to use our airport pick-up. However, it does make your arrival into Canberra easier.

See Airport or Bus Pick-up for more information.

Can I stay longer in student accommodation?

Unfortunately, no.  Student accommodation is only available for 12 month duration and then you must find alternative accommodation. After you have been in CIT's accommodation for a year you might like to move out with some friends from the residence you were living in - or, you might like to meet some new people by moving out in to a share rental house.