ACT Year 12

The ACT Senior Secondary Certificate provides access to further study in a wide range of Degree, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level courses in Australia. Students may choose a tertiary program for entry into university or an accredited program for entry into Diploma or Advanced Diploma courses at CIT or other vocational education providers.

Entry into specific courses may depend on subject selection and the level of Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) achieved for university entrance. Students will study in classes with Australian students and choose subjects, from those available, best suited to their future study.

  • Course Details

    ACT Senior Secondary Certificate
    CRICOS: 078241E National ID: N/A

  • Course Duration


  • Course Intake

    Semester 1 (February) 2020

    Semester 1 (February) 2021

  • Course Campus

    CIT Bruce

  • Course Fees

    Tuition Fees:

    2019*: Semester 1 - $7,050 Semester 2 - $7,050

    2020*: Semester 1 - $7,250 Semester 2 - $7,250

    Extra Fees:

    Approximate materials and equipment fees:
    Textbooks: $40 to $100 per semester, depending on subject
    Equipment: $50 per semester

  • *Please note - Course fees are listed in $AUD and are based on a semester rate. Total course cost will vary depending on semester start date. Small fee increases happen annually in line with CIT's fee pricing review. 2019 and 2020 fees subject to change.

  • Entry Requirements

    Students must be at least 18 years of age on 31 January of the year they commence studies AND have completed Year 11 studies or equivalent in their home country

    Students over the age of 20 may be eligible for adult entry. Please refer to Entry Requirements for more information.

    English requirements:

    Students must be at least 18 years of age on 31 January of the year they commence studies.

  • Course Subjects - Certificate

    ACT Senior Secondary Certificate
    CRICOS: 078241E | National ID: N/A
    Depending on demand the following subjects will be offered:

    Day subjects:

    • Biology Tertiary/Accredited
    • Business Accredited
    • Chemistry Tertiary
    • English Tertiary/Accredited
    • Global Studies Tertiary/Accredited
    • History Accredited
    • Mathematics Tertiary/Accredited

    Evening subjects:

    • English Tertiary/Accredited
    • Business Tertiary
    • History Tertiary/Accredited
    • Information Technology Tertiary/Accredited
    • Mathematics Tertiary
    • Physics Tertiary
    • Psychology Tertiary/Accredited

    Flexible courses:

    • Community Learning
    • English Tertiary/Accredited
    • Business Tertiary/Accredited
    • Mathematics Tertiary/Accredited

  • Job Opportunities

    University education, TAFE Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas, specific employment areas requiring Year 12 and general employment.

  • Teaching Methods and Assessment

    Students study in face to face classes as well as through CIT’s online learning platform, eLearn. Extra resources and support are available through eLearn and face to face study tutorials. Classes use CIT’s science and ICT laboratories and all general classrooms have data projectors.

    The ACT operates a system of school-based curriculum and assessment. Assessment in the ACT is continuous school based assessment. This means there are no external subject-based examinations. Courses are taught and assessed unit by unit. A unit of study is organised around a particular theme or skillset and has a value based on the time the unit took to deliver: One standard unit of study towards a Senior Secondary Certificate represents a minimum of 55 hours of timetabled classes generally over one semester. Moderation is conducted every semester to ensure comparability of grades from different schools and the ACT Scaling Test (AST), a higher order thinking examination, is used to compare Tertiary scores from different schools for calculation of the ATAR.

    Please refer to the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies website for more information.

  • Pathways to Further Study

    Successful completion of this program will contribute towards meeting the requirements for entry into a Diploma program offered by CIT or a Degree at university.

    ACT Senior Secondary Certificate (1 year)
    = 1 year of study
    Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Degree