How to Apply

Before you apply

Before submitting your application either directly or online, you need to check the Department of Home Affairs website to find out what your evidentiary requirements are when you apply for a student visa (subclass 500).

Countries requiring additional evidentiary documentation for financial and English language ability will need to apply through one of CIT’s Educational Agents.

There are three ways you can apply to study at CIT.

1. Apply through a CIT Educational Agent

CIT Educational Agents are located in countries around the world. They are official representatives for CIT and offer support and advice about studying at CIT and living in Canberra. They will assist you with your visa and study applications, plus your English language testing requirements. CIT Educational Agents deal directly with CIT on your behalf, making the application process easier for you.

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2. Apply Online

Once you have confirmation that you’re able to apply to CIT directly, please ensure that you have ALL your supporting documentation before you start, including your passport, academic results and completion certificates, entry requirements, a statement of purpose, your curriculum vitae, birth certificate, passport photo etc. Ensure that all documents are translated in English.

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3. Apply Directly by Email, Mail or in Person

Once you have confirmation that you’re able to apply to CIT directly, download and print the application form. Completed forms can be submitted with supporting documentation by email, mail or in person. If submitting an application by mail, please send it to: PO Box 226, Jamison ACT, 2614 Australia

> Download the Application form


If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time during the application process. Phone the CIT International Services Unit on +61 2 6207 4662 or email

CIT's Application Process

Confused by the application process?

Apply for study can be a very daunting experience, so we’ve developed a handy infographic to simplify it for you.

What's next?

Receiving a Letter of Offer

  • Your application will be assessed. If successful, a Letter of Offer will be issued. If not, further information may be requested. Your Letter of Offer will explain the course that you have been accepted in, the amount of fees which you will need to pay, fees for overseas health cover. It will also explain entry conditions that you will need to read carefully before signing.
  • Your Letter of Offer may have conditions that you will be required to meet in order for us to accept payment and issue your Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE).

Receiving your Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE)

  • When you have met these conditions and sent us the signed acceptance letter and visa requirements form, you will be eligible to pay the tuition fees for your first semester of studies (this amount will be on your Letter of Offer), Overseas Health Cover (this amount will be on your Letter of Offer) and accommodation fees if you require these services.
  • Payment details are emailed to you when the above steps have been completed. You can contact us if you require further details. Please ensure all payments are made in Australian Dollars.
  • Once we have received payment we will issue a Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE). You will need to take to your eCOE to your closest Australian Diplomatic mission to apply got your student visa.
  • If you have gone through a CIT in country representative they will be able to assist you when you apply for your student visa. If you are applying for your student visa directly you can obtain information from the Department of Home Affairs or your local Australian Diplomatic Mission.

Coming to Australia!

  • Once you have been granted your visa you should let us know the details of your arrival. You will need to ensure that you arrive at least a couple of days before orientation so that you can familiarise yourself with Canberra. See Arriving in Australia for further information.
  • If you require accommodation you will need to complete an accommodation booking form and attach it with your payment.