Policies and Forms

Here is a list of the important forms and policy information you might require while you are a student at CIT.

Forms (All PDF's under 1MB)


CIT policies can be found on CIT's website and cover a large range of topics relevant to students:

  • Academic appeals
  • Academic misconduct by CIT students
  • Anti bullying and harassment
  • Attendance for international students on student visas in ELICOS programs
  • Program progress for international students on student visas
  • Complaints – Students and Community Members
  • Admission and Enrolment Policy and Procedures
  • Health and safety of students
  • International student deferral, suspension and cancellation of enrolment
  • International students administration and fees
  • International students compliance with ESOS Act
  • International students on student visas transferring between registered CRICOS providers
  • Responsibilities in the learning environment
  • Student accommodation policy
  • Student confidentiality policy
  • Student equity policy
  • Student support services
  • Transferring between programs
  • Welfare arrangements for international students under the age of 18 years
  • Students Under 18 Years of Age

The following policies are particularly relevant to international students. These relate to student responsibilities on a student visa, the institutes responsibilities, transfer of institution and deferment, suspension and cancellation of a student's studies:

  • International Students Administration and Fees Policy
  • International Students under the Age of 18 years Policy
  • International Students on Student Visas Compliance with ESOS Act Policy
  • International Students on Student Visas Compliance with ESOS Act Procedures

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