CIT Student Association (CITSA)

The CIT Student Association Incorporated (CITSA) is the official student organisation and provider of non-academic services on campus for students at CIT. CITSA is a not for profit organisation and provides commercial and non-commercial services on campus. CITSA operates Bookshops, Canteens, Cafes and Offices for the benefit of students. Visit the CITSA website at

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About Us

CITSA Bruce CampusCITSA is committed to environmental sustainability of all aspects of our operations by enshrining it in our constitution, implementing recycling in canteens and cafes. In 2010 CITSA invested $100K in photo voltaic panels which were installed at CIT Fyshwick. In the same year, we gave CIT a $40k grant to support the Sustainable House Project, as well as running a recycled bicycle program and numerous other programs and actions to support our green credentials.

CITSA invests in the upkeep of public spaces for students, in particular, major building renovations. In 2010 CIT Woden was renovated in the food services, bookshop, café and recreational spaces to a total cost of $900K.

CITSA Membership

Students who wish to become voting members of CITSA can do so either by the registering at or in person at any CITSA Office. Membership entitles you to be involved in the student council, to vote at annual elections and stand for election to CITSA Council.

CITSA Council

CITSA Council is an elected student council made up on 9 elected students and 2 non-student reps that oversees the management of the CITSA. CITSA Council represents its members and provides a channel of communication with CIT, as well as providing services and facilities for its members, and promoting the social, cultural, recreational and intellectual development of its members.

CITSA Offices

CITSA Offices are located on each major Campus. CITSA office staff are student advocates and can refer students to appropriate services and agencies.

CITSA Office staff host events and activities for students, such as ski trips, sporting opportunities in the form of Eastern University Games, trips away, band comps, and a National Tertiary Art Prize.

CITSA Office Hours and Contact Information

CIT Bruce, H Block

  • Monday– Thursday: 8.30am – 5pm*
  • Friday: 8.30am – 2pm*
  • Phone: 6207 4311

CIT Reid, A Block

  • Monday– Thursday: 8.30am – 5pm*
  • Friday: 8.30am – 2pm*
  • Phone: 6207 3600

* Hours may change during mid term breaks.

CITSA Canteens

CITSA CanteenCITSA Canteens are located on all campuses. Canteens provide fresh salads, sandwiches, hot food, drinks, snacks, fruit and confectionery. All our Canteens are Halal friendly so please ask the staff if you have any questions about the food. All salads, sandwiches and hot food are prepared daily on campus by CITSA staff. Sandwiches range from Basic to Classic and Gourmet.

Products include:

  • fresh rolls and wraps filled with the freshest ingredients available made daily
  • a range of fresh sushi, salads, yoghurts and more for those feeling health conscious
  • delicious pastas, curries, risottos or a 'roast of the day' for those that are feeling comfort conscious
  • muffins, biscuits, danish pastries, gourmet quiches and pies all baked on premises

CITSA Canteen Hours and Contact Information

CIT Bruce Canteen, H Block

  • Monday - Thursday: 8.30am-3.30pm
  • Friday: 8.30am- 2pm
  • Phone: 6207 4287

CIT Reid Canteen, B Block

  • Monday– Thursday: 8.30am-7.30pm
  • Friday: 8.30am-2pm
  • Phone: 6207 3288

Café Yala

CITSA Cafe YalaAn important part of CITSA's on-campus service are cafés located at CIT Bruce and CIT Reid. Café Yala, Yala @ Bruce and are open everyday during the semester.

Café Yala Hours and Locations

CIT Bruce Café Yala, H Block

  • Monday - Thursday: 8am-8pm
  • Friday: 8am-1.30pm

CIT Reid Café Yala, A Block

  • Monday – Thursday: 8am-8pm
  • Friday: 8am-1.30pm

CITSA Bookshops

CITSA Bruce Bookshop

The CITSA Bookshop is located at CIT Reid and CIT Bruce (combined CITSA Office/Bookshop) and carries prescribed texts and modules for courses as requested by teachers. Stock is also available 24/7 via the online shop (  Each Campus Bookshop specialises in select course requirements.

CIT Reid Bookshop carries chef, butchery and bakery clothing, CIT T-shirts and specialised stationery for students in the Creative Industries. CIT Bruce Bookshop specialises in Science, Construction, Engineering, Children’s Services, Community Development and Nursing Course materials.

Bookshop Hours and Contact Information

CIT Bruce, H Block

  • Monday– Thursday: 8.30am – 5pm*
  • Friday: 8.30am – 2pm*
  • Phone: 6207 4311

Bookshop facilities are available through the CITSA Office. Staff are more than happy to offer assistance with Bookshop related enquiries as long as they are free to do so (student support is the main focus of the CITSA office staff, and they may have to close the office temporarily without notice). Students can purchase texts via our online shop at any time and choose CIT Library Bruce as the free delivery option.

CIT Reid, D Block

  • Monday– Thursday: 8.30am – 5pm*
  • Friday: 8.30am – 2pm*
  • Phone: 6207 3301

* Hours may change during mid term breaks.

Other CITSA Initiatives

Sporting Facilities and Equipment


The CITSA office staff are able to accompany you as an support person if you have to meet with CIT staff. You may wish to discuss a result, need help mediating a problem or need a support person at a meeting. CITSA staff can assist and support students with a complaint or advise you about the CIT appeal process.


CITSA has a facebook page, become a friend of CITSA and check out what’s happening each day.

National Campus Competitions

The Australian Association of Campus Activities (AACA) is a national organisation which runs four national competitions for students annually (National Campus Band Comp, National Campus Art Prize, National Campus Film Festival, National Campus DJ Comp). For more information about these events, ask in the CITSA Office on campus.

Social Activities

CITSA hosts several social activities throughout the year, see CIT Events, the inside front cover of the diary as well as posters on campus for dates and new events. Contact the CITSA Office on your campus for more specific details.


CIT students are able to participate at the Eastern University Games to be held in Tamworth in July, 2012. If you are interested in playing a team sport then contact the CITSA Office immediately. The games are held in the July Semester break so students have time to compete.


There are two squash courts available for students to use at CIT Reid. Booking a court is essential, by calling the Reid CITSA Office on 6207 3600. CITSA has access cards to the courts as well as equipment for loan to students during business hours.


CIT and CITSA jointly fund a peer tutoring program for students who cannot afford a private tutor. If you need academic assistance in your course, contact a CITSA Office or the CIT Student Services on your campus. A fee is charged to be tutored.

Welcome Week

CITSA puts on a Welcome Week for all new and re-enrolling students on campus at the beginning of semester 1 each year. Keep a lookout for posters on campus informing everyone of the events planned for the week. If you happen to see a queue of people lining up for a BBQ or wandering through the market stalls, then make sure you join in.

Visit the CITSA website for more information