Current Students

Welcome to CIT's website for international students currently studying at CIT. This page has been designed to provide you with a complete online list of services and information for you whilst you're studying with us. If you have any problems, please contact the International Services Unit.

International Services UnitInternational Services Unit

The International Services Unit (ISU) is located on CIT Bruce. The ISU is staffed by personnel who are well equipped to assist students with any questions, problems or issues that they may have or experience while studying at CIT, such as stress, fitting in and adjusting to their new lifestyle.

The ISU office staff are able to access services to help students and they can also provide information about additional support services that are available.  The ISU Finance Office and the CIT Accommodation Office are also located at ISU.

For more information about the wide range of services ISU can provide please see International Services Unit.

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Unique Student IdentifierUnique Student Identifier

All CIT students (both new and continuing) will need a Unique Student Identifier (USI) before enrolling for 2015.

From 1 January 2015 the Australian Government will require all students undertaking nationally recognised training delivered by a registered training organisation to have a USI. The USI will enable you to obtain a complete record of your vocational education and training enrolments and achievements which occur from 1 January 2015 onwards from a single online source.

Anyone can create a USI through a simple and easy to follow process on the USI Website. Students will need a form of identification such as a birth certificate, drivers licence, passport or Medicare card to create their individual USI.

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Counselling and Equity Support Services

At CIT we believe it is vital for our students to feel supported while studying and to know that there is somewhere they can turn if they need help, whether it is for academic or personal reasons. This is why CIT offers a range of support services to CIT students, to assist them in achieving their goals and getting the best out of their study experience.

For more information about services such as Careers Advice, Student Support Service, and Pastoral Care Support, please see Support Services.Hr Line

Bruce Student Services HubCIT Student Services

The CIT Student Services can assist you with a range of services. Supportive and friendly staff will give you assistance when you need it.

CIT Student Services are located at: CIT Bruce, Ground Floor H Block; CIT Reid, Ground Floor A Block; CIT Woden, Ground Floor A Block.

Please see the CIT Student Services page for more information about what they can help you with.
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The CIT Student Association (CITSA) is an independent organisation on campus that represents all CIT students. Your course fees will include the CITSA Services Fee which gives you access to all CITSA services.

CITSA offers a comprehensive range of student support services and social activities to help you adjust to life in Australia. They also own and manage the commercial outlets on CIT campuses, including the Café Yala's, Canteens and Bookshops.

CITSA has a student representative council, made up of 9 students and 2 staff who are elected annually. On the CITSA Council, there is an international student who is also a representative on the Council of International Students Australia, ACT Branch.

Please visit the CITSA page for information about how you can get involved!
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Your Rights and Responsibilities Your Rights and Responsibilities

As a student studying at CIT you have certain rights that you are entitled to and certain responsibilities you must adhere to. You have the right to studying in a learning environment that is free of harassment, abuse or intimidation. You also have the right to speak up about any complaints and grievances you have in regards your study experience at CIT.

CIT students have responsibilities towards CIT, just as the Institute has responsibilities towards its students in terms of respect, fairness, safety and support.

For more information please see Your Rights and Responsibilities.
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Skills RecognitionSkills Recognition

Skills Recognition is an acknowledgement of the skills you have learned from your work, from life experience, or from any previous training. Undertaking Skills Recognition means you can gain either a part or full qualification without having to re-learn things you already know.

For further information about what kind of skills you might already have that can be formally recognised, or to find out how to contact someone at CIT who can explain more about it, please see Skills Recognition.
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Learning CentresCIT Library Services

The CIT Libraries provide well equipped spaces for student learning and study, as well as accessible library and information services and resources to support you in your course. At your CIT Libraries you can access space to learn and study including computers, access to the internet, areas for group and individual work. The library and information services available in the CIT Libraries give you access to books, journals, databases and assistance with research. Drop-in Learning Support is available in the CIT Libraries at Reid, Southside and Bruce. This service provides you with academic support on campus. For some courses, individual coaching programs may be available.
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Internet AccessInternet Access

Internet access is available for students at CIT free of charge. You can use computer facilities at CIT campus computer laboratories, as well as in the CIT Libraries.

CIT also has free wireless (WiFi) on all campuses for CIT students.

See Internet Access for CIT students to see how you can set up your device to receive Wireless internet service.

CIT Student Self Service (Banner)CIT Student Self Service (Banner)

CIT Student Self Service (previously known as ‘Banner’) is CIT's student information management system. CIT Student Self Service contains your personal information, admission records, your official academic record (your record) and indicates your current Fee account balance. All information stored on CIT Student Self Service is subject to the Privacy Act 1988.

See Student Self Service to access this information management system.Hr Line


eLearn is CIT’s online learning environment. The online learning environment has features including a place to access subject resources and learning materials, activities like quizzes and wikis, forums for discussion, real time web conferencing and interactive meeting spaces where teachers and students can work together online and communicate through web cameras and headsets with microphones. eLearn also allows you to access the CIT Libraries catalogue and wide range of online resources.

Click to log in to eLearn now.
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Completing your StudiesCompleting your Studies

Completing your studies at CIT this year? What next?

Finishing your studies at CIT is something to be proud of and excited about. But it can also be a daunting experience. Do you plan on continuing your studies at university? Or are you planning to go home? There are many things people are to consider when completing your studies such as attending CIT’s graduation ceremony, moving onto further studies, things to do before your departure, and even overcoming reverse culture shock.

See Completing your Studies for further information.
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Completing your StudiesGraduation

Each year CIT students who have successfully completed their studies may attend a CIT Graduation and receive formal recognition of their success at the Institute. Graduation is an important event for the Institute and the ceremonies provide a public occasion to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our graduands and the expertise and dedication of their teachers.

For more information and images from this annual event please see Graduation.
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Visas and DocumentsVisas, Documents and Finances

It is important to understand your student visa conditions and all the documentation that relates to your enrolment at CIT. It’s also important to understand the processes and policies regarding payment options, fees and refunds for your studies.

We have tried to make these subjects as simple to understand as we can by providing students with lots of useful information.

To view this useful information please see Visas, Documents and Finances.
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Forms for Current StudentsForms for Current Students

We have put together a range of important forms that you may find useful during your time studying at CIT.

Please see Forms for Current Students for a list of downloadable forms.
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Safety and ProtectionAustralian Customs and Laws

Knowing and understanding Australian customs and laws will help you to adjust to life in the Australian community.

Australia is a tolerant and diverse society with people from many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. By law, everyone in Australia is free to express and maintain their cultural and religious traditions. You may not be used to this diversity at first but if you remain open and respectful towards other people, ideas and traditions, you are likely to fit in and be successful in your new life.

For more information see Australian Customs and Laws.