Hairdressing Fees Reduced

Cut through the competition

CIT is committed to growing student numbers in our creative, dynamic and hands-on Hairdressing course. As part of this commitment, we have reassessed and reduced the fees for the SHB30416 Certificate III in Hairdressing (CRICOS: 094149A).

As of Semester 2 2017, students will pay only $5,600 per semester for course fees AND pay no additional material fees.

That's a total saving of over $7,000(AUD) for the duration of the course!

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Fee Reduction Details:

  • 2017 Semester 2* Fees = $8,000 > now $5,600

*This reduced rate is ongoing for 2018.

Student Story

Amber (Kar Yie) Cheah | Malaysia | Certificate III in Hairdressing

Amber (Kar Yie) Cheah

“My favourite part for the course is dealing with clients. It is really good to practice on real clients. It’s challenging and you never get bored.”

“I really like the way they teach at CIT. The teachers are very kind and help you whenever you need it. The teachers don’t just tell you how to do it, they show you how. We are not just learning from a book. You learn more from the hands-on experience, which is very good.”

“I’ve had lots of work experience through my course. At the moment I’m working at a salon in Yarralumla. I really like this workplace. I get a chance to do people’s hair and learn about the way they organise their clients and run the business.”

“I can do 40 hours of paid work during my studies each fortnight. It is great to get experience in the salon at school and then in a real workplace.”

“I love cutting hair, it is my favourite part of hairdressing. When you cut a person’s hair it can really change the way they look. When they’re happy with the way they look, it makes you feel happy too!”

“I really enjoy living in Canberra. Everything is so much easier. I love Canberra compared to Sydney or Melbourne because I love living in a quieter city. Everyone in Canberra is very kind, plus I have my family here.”

“I would recommend CIT to other students. You learn technical skills in a hands-on way. It’s a very good way to study.”

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Experience the industry first-hand

This full-time course leads you to a sensational hairdressing career. Get hands-on experience taught by experts in the industry at CITs Hair and Beauty Salon. The salon replicates a commercial salon environment, so students work with real clients! This makes the learning journey more enjoyable and practical to salon life. You will also have access to the latest in quality training resources and products.

Your journey will include developing skills in:

  • hair design;
  • colouring;
  • foiling;
  • men’s and ladies cutting;
  • long hair design;
  • communicating with clients;
  • and so much more!

Job Opportunities

Canberra offers many job opportunities in the hairdressing industry. 90% of international students studying hairdressing at CIT are employed while studying their course!

Possible job titles could include Hairdresser, Hairstylist, Barber Stylist, Hair Colourist, Hair Cutter, Hair Designer and Salon Stylist.

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