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Ever thought about becoming a crime scene investigator?

If you’re passionate about a broad range of scientific disciplines and have an interest in law and order, then a Bachelor of Forensic Science (Crime Scene Examination) can prepare you for a number of different career paths. Graduates may go into the areas of crime scene investigation, forensic investigation, Scene of Crime Officer (SOCO) and also find opportunities in related scientific disciplines.

CIT offers students world-class forensics facilities, including a purpose-built ‘crime house,’ where mock crime scenes challenge students to analyse everything from a simple break and enter to complex murders.

Students are given the opportunity to pursue higher research, with several past course participants submitting projects on emerging technologies such as synthetic DNA, enhanced detection methods of fire accelerants and the chemical persistence of nitrite ions in gunshot residue.

Forensic Science Degree

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - The Feed

Meet the CIT students who were inspired by crime shows like CSI, NCIS, Dexter and Bones to become forensics experts in real life.

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Joel FoleyStudent Story

Michael White | Bachelor of Forensic Science (Crime Scene Examination)

“In high school I wanted to pursue something in science, and I have to admit I enjoyed TV crime shows like Dexter and Bones! Like a lot of people, I thought forensics was cool - but I was modest and thought it was beyond me. Then, I met two forensics officers who said I should go for it. Both of them had graduated from CIT and recommended the course. I loved the idea of being able to practically apply the theoretical science I had learned.

The course is incredibly practical! That’s what set it apart from university programs I was considering. In my very first term I was learning how to process crime scenes, and we also study in a number of specialist fields. This kind of experience is great for getting an idea of where I want to go in future.

My teachers have worked in the industry for years, they give us plenty of realistic advice and I know the skills I’ve learned will be relevant for my career. We also learn about common mistakes so that we won’t make them.”

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