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CIT Creative Industries graduates have a reputation for being work-ready, such is the status of our courses in these vibrant fields and the invaluable interactions with professional teachers and industry placement programs.

Our practical, hands-on courses in design, visual arts, graphic design, media production and photography offer access to large workshops, state-of-the-art training facilities, digital cameras and the latest multimedia, audio and video software.
You can also work in our professionally-equipped Macintosh labs with 100 available workstations, current industry-standard software and after-hours access.

Art - Design - Media Courses

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Student Story

Quang Vo Phuong | Vietnam | Interior Design

Quang Interior Design

“The reason why I chose CIT over other alternatives is because I knew it would be more practical and useful for my future career. Ultimately, my CIT experience has been inspiring and valuable.”

“Class time usually provides us with opportunities to discuss and come up with new ideas. The lessons help me develop social skills as well as designing skills. As an international student, I also get to work on my English skills when talking to friends and teachers. Furthermore, the classroom is always fun and enjoyable, with many competitions. During one of the competitions, in which architects were invited to listen to student’s presentations, I was offered the opportunity to work for an architect company.”

“CIT’s teaching is very practical with hand-on learning that will be valuable for any student.”

“The teachers are also enthusiastic in helping International Students with adapting to a new environment and new culture. I would highly recommend CIT to any International Student.”

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