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CIT has a range of events happening throughout the year. CITSA also holds many student events. So between the two, you should be able to find something fun to do! There are market days, music festivals, barbeques, exhibitions, fashion parades, awards nights, students competitions and so much more. Get out there, meet some new people and have a good time – because study should not all be serious. You need to have some fun too!

Fashion ParadeCreative Industries Showcase - CIT Momentum

‘CIT Momentum’ was an event held from 22-24 November 2011 and was an unprecedented and unique Creative Industries Showcase event for Canberra and an opportunity for the community to see CIT students in action.

The three day celebration highlighted an emerging range of student work representative of all disciplines from the Centre for Creative Industries including: Fashion, Music, Visual Arts, Photography, Media, Communication, Interior Design, Building Design, Architectural Drafting, Digital Media, Graphic Design, and 3D Animation. More than eleven creative disciplines and over 300 CIT students collaborated to produce an innovative and engaging event program spanning both day and night.

A showcase event such as this is run annually by the Centre for Creative Industries  and offers graduating students the chance to share their talents and realise their potential and gives the Canberra community the opportunity to experience and appreciate the students work.

See photos from 'CIT Momentum' below or view other work by students from CIT’s Centre for Creative Industries at the CIT Gallery.

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Global VoicesGlobal Voices - Harmony Day

CIT unites to showcase its amazing diversity at this extraordinary event. It’s a day of celebration and a chance to enjoy food, music and dancing from a variety of cultures around the world. There is a ‘Parade of Nations’ march where student get the opportunity to wear their national dress and a Talent Quest filled with traditional music, dancing, singing and costumes!

This event is held each year and celebrates the cultural diversity of the CIT community and workplace by bringing colleagues and students together.

See Global Voices - Harmony Day for information and pictures from the 2011 event.Hr Line

EventsCITSA Student Events

The CIT Student Association (CITSA) runs social activities throughout the year for CIT students including: Welcome Week (their version of Orientation Week); ski trips; casual sport and formal competition at the Eastern University Games; trips away; art, DJ, film and band competitions. So you don’t miss out, be sure to check the CITSA website, the inside front cover of the CITSA Student Diary, as well as posters on campus for dates of new events.

If you see a queue of people lining up for a BBQ or wandering through market stalls on your campus then make sure you join in!

See CITSA for more information on CITSA Events.Hr Line

of the Year Awards Teacher of the Year Awards

The annual ‘Teacher of the Year Awards ’ is an important event hosted by CITSA in September each year, that recognises the hard work of CIT teachers and the effort they put in to assist and support students. It is an enjoyable event for all CIT teachers as it’s an opportunity for them to be acknowledged and appreciated by their peers and students.

All students are asked to vote for teachers who have excelled in their roles as educators. Students are encouraged to include personal messages on their anonymous voting form as some of these comments are incorporated into the ‘Teacher of the Year Awards’ ceremony to honour the nominated teachers.

Each year CITSA staff visit every campus to collect students votes. Votes can also be given through CITSA’s online voting form. The votes are tallied and the nominees are announced prior to the Awards Night. All students and CIT staff are encouraged to come along to the event to enjoy the food and festivities and of course to cheer for their favourite teacher.Hr Line

your StudiesGraduation

Graduation is an important event in the life of CIT students. Graduation ceremonies provide a public occasion to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our graduands and the expertise and dedication of their teachers.

All CIT graduation ceremonies are robed occasions. Academic dress consists of a black gown with long sleeves, a hood or stole and a black mortarboard (cap) depending on the qualifications. Ceremonial occasions would not be the same without colourful regalia celebrating the achievements of students, staff and family. See Graduation for more information.Hr Line

International Orientation International Orientation

The compulsory International Orientation is a process designed for student commencing study at CIT to ensure that they feel welcome and receive whatever guidance, encouragement and support they need to help them settle into Canberra and their studies.

This orientation program is offered in February and July each year and provides the opportunity for students to meet staff from the International Services Unit (ISU), meet with their Pastoral Care Officer, and meet other students within their program and Centre. Special guest speakers from a range of organisations speak at orientation to advise students about services within the Canberra Community that are available to them.  ISU also provide an opportunity for students to familiarise themselves with the city’s sites on a tour of Canberra.

See International Orientation for more information.Hr Line

AwardsCIT Film and Television (FAT) Awards

The CIT Film and Television (FAT) awards expose the work of CIT Communications and Media students to the competitive film and television industry. Students and guests enjoy a large number of short films and student project works such as Shakespeare renditions in the students’ own style, as well as video film clips recorded by and performed by CIT film and music students. A panel of industry experts judge the film making talents of the students and award the best with coveted prizes.

“The FAT awards have already had over ten successful years, and as a result are recognised by Canberra’s film and television industry as a legitimate and coveted achievement. Many FAT finalists have gone onto build successful careers in film and television”, said John Frohlich, CIT’s Education Manager, Communication, Media and Music.

The annual FAT Awards take place in the Music Industry Centre (MIC), and the event is held around June each year. All are welcome to attend, and tickets are available by contacting Line

MICfest MICfest – Communication, Media & Music Festival

Each year the Music Industry Centre (MIC) at the CIT Southside Campus hosts an energetic and fun mini music festival organised by CIT music students called ‘MICfest’. This event was major component of ‘CIT Momentum’, the Creative Industries Showcase held in November 2011. MICfest launches emerging CIT student musicians from the MIC into the community and industry at large.

Students across all music programs are involved in event planning, marketing, live performances and live sound production; with CIT media and communications students also involved in planning, lighting and camera-work. Main features include the School Stars band competition which attracts competing bands and soloists from local schools and colleges, a large awards ceremony, and showcases from 1st and 2nd year music performance students.

All graduating music students record an EP of original music. These EP’s are launched at MICfest and from these recordings come the important ‘Best of MIC’ CD launch. MICfest is a celebration of student creativity and reflects the hard work and commitment of the CIT students. Gig goers, students and the general public are welcome and encouraged to attend.

For more information email Line

Want to know more about what’s happening at CIT?

Please see CIT News and Events for details of upcoming CIT Events. Your CITSA Office staff can also tell you all about the activities and events they are holding for CIT students. Remember too to always keep looking around for posters advertising events on campus.