Australian Religion and Culture


There is no official religion in Australia. Because of this complete religious freedom it is illegal to discriminate against any individual or group on the basis of their religious beliefs.

Nearly two thirds (64%) of the population claim at least nominal adherence to a Christian-based religion, but nearly one third (30%), do not identify with any religion. The remaining population is a diverse group that includes fast-growing Islamic and Buddhist communities.


You will find that Australians are generally friendly and informal in their speech, attitudes and dress. It is common for Australians to address others by their given names (Christian) name but as a newcomer to the community it is preferable for you to use titles and family names (surname) until otherwise invited.

In Australia men and women are regarded equally. They mix freely socially and compete for jobs on an equal basis. In many instances they share accommodation and as a consequence contribute equally to expenses, cooking and cleaning.

Most people who travel from one country to stay in another country usually have some difficulties in adjusting to the new environment over the first six - eight months. However, at the Canberra Institute of Technology there are people who will assist you adjusting to life in Australia.

When you come to Australia you may not be used to such diversity at first. However if you are open and respectful towards other people, ideas and traditions you are likely to fit in and be successful in your new life.

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