Important Information for Residence

Becoming a Residential Assistant (RA)

The CIT Accommodation Officer appoints Residential Assistants (RA) for the student residences.

What does an RA do?

Under the supervision of the CIT Accommodation Officer, the RA provides a supportive role towards all students in residences and assists in maintaining a healthy, safe, living environment that is conducive to successful academic achievement.

How are RA's appointed?

Interested students can apply for the position, and prove that they are capable of being a responsible RA by submitting a Residential Assistant Application with a character reference from school principals, teachers or employer. The Accommodation Officer will interview interested applicants.

How long are RA's appointed for?

The chosen RA will be given a trial period of 1 term, if after one term the appointed RA has proven that they are capable of performing the duties expected they will continue on for the period of their contract.  If a resident is appointed RA and they end up breaking the house rules or setting a bad example to other residents, the Accommodation Officer will let them know that they are not suitable for the position and appoint a new RA.

What are the benefits of becoming an RA?

An RA will receive a discount on their weekly rent and personal development experience that could be documented in a resume. The Accommodation Officer will provide a reference if requested.

What duties does an RA perform?

RA's are required to perform the following duties:

  • Be concerned for the welfare and safety of the residents of their designated area and seek the appropriate professional advice when concerns arise.
  • Provide their mobile phone number to residents of their designated area, so they can be contacted in an emergency e.g. locked keys in rooms or lost keys and provide access to the room.
  • Assist with the security of their assigned areas and report incidents to the Accommodation Officer, Estate Office or Security 1.
  • Monitor and report breaches of the house rules as they relate to noise, cleanliness, vandalism and suspicious behaviour.
  • Report property damage and any maintenance required to the common rooms, bedrooms and garden to the Accommodation Officer, Estate Officer or Security 1.
  • Check that residents are taking out the garbage on their designated roster day.
  • Emergency evacuation procedures training in case of Fire, bomb threats etc.
  • Organise social activities on occasions together with the other residents (activities that have proved successful include floor dinners, potluck dinners, group outings, video nights, social games/sporting events and barbecues).

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Social Issues and Noise

Students in the residence who have a heavy workload of study and assignments require a quiet environment to work effectively.

Residents are living with a group of people who are of different:

  • Cultures
  • Genders
  • Age

Each resident needs to:

  • Be tolerant of other students cultures
  • Respectful of other students’ property, privacy and personal rights
  • Treat residential property with respect

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Substance Free Areas

  • Smoking cigarettes is not permitted inside the residence or in your rooms.
  • Special bins are provided outside for smokers, in the designated smokers area and the smokers are to empty the bins regularly.
  • The use of illicit drugs and excessive use of alcohol will not be tolerated anywhere in or around the residence.
  • All residents are bound by the rules governing these issues.

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Residence Security

 For the safety of the residence as a whole it is the residents' responsibility to make sure that:

  • All main doors into the building are kept closed when entering or leaving the property, and are to be locked at all times to prevent theft or a security breach.
  • If you see any suspicious person, or if a resident, visitor or outsider is behaving in a threatening manner don't hesitate to call the police on 000 or 11 444. Alternatively, call the Estate Office on 6207 4000 or Security 1 on 136 000.

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Room Security

To keep your room secure:

  • Keep your room doors shut when you leave the room
  • Always take the keys with you whenever you go to another part of the complex or out for the day or night
  • Don’t leave your keys with another person when you go out on holidays
  • Don’t let another person into your room unless you are there
  • Report to the Residence Assistant if you have locked your keys in your room or lost them
  • Lock windows when leaving your room for the day/night/holidays

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Personal Safety

  • You are responsible for ensuring your own safety and taking care of your personal belongings while you are living in the residence.
  • CIT expects you to follow Policies and Procedures outlined in your handbook to maintain a high level of safety for yourself and others during your stay in the residences.
  • If other students in the residence are threatening or appear to be harassing anyone, please report it to the Accommodation Officer in business hours 6207 4661 or Security 1 after hours 136 000.

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Residents' family and friends are welcome to the facility. In the interests of other residents all visitors must leave the premises by 11 pm at the latest.

If a friend or family member visits you, they are expected to behave in a manner that is respectful of other residents' privacy.

As the accommodation is designed for a single person to live in each room, no additional people are permitted to stay overnight. Failure to comply with this rule is considered to be a serious breach of your accommodation contract.

  • Friends cannot stay at the residence when you are not there.
  • Visitors are not allowed to use laundry, shower or kitchen facilities.

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All new residents are issued with keys after a contract is signed, one term’s rent is paid or arrangements for fortnightly payments is made, and a bond is lodged.

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Office Hours

If your keys are lost, stolen, or left in your room during the office hours, you will need to report it immediately to:

  • The Accommodation Officer in upstairs C Block, Room C102 between 9-5pm Monday to Friday and Wednesday between 9-3pm or
  • The Residence Assistant, their name and telephone numbers are on the notice board

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Out of Office Hours

If you are locked out on weekends and during the night you will need to either contact your RA or call Security 1 to let you in on 136 000. You must provide proof of ID to Security 1.

If your keys have been stolen, Security 1 will not replace them. Security 1 can let you into the building and your room.

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Call Out Service

Anytime you lock yourself out of your room and need to call Security 1 (136 000) to let you in the cost to you is $65.

  • 5pm-9am Monday to Friday
  • 5pm Friday night to 9 am Monday morning (includes public holidays)

A replacement for lost or stolen keys will be an approximate cost $170.00.

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Payment Method

The International Services Unit will bill your accommodation account and you will be given one month to make payment.

  • Students are not permitted to force open the doors, windows or fly screens
  • If a student causes damage to a CIT residence they will have to pay the total cost of the damage

Please Note A condition of having your bond refunded (within approximately 28 working days of departure) is that you have returned all your keys to the International Services Unit and that your room is clean and in the same condition as it was on entry.

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The CIT Gardener looks after the gardens at Monterey Apartments and Bruce Campus on a monthly basis.

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Maintenance Services

Urgent Repairs during Office Hours

Major problems need to be reported immediately. For example:

  • burst water mains
  • taps not turning off or dripping
  • no water supply
  • broken toilets
  • black outs
  • broken windows
  • broken appliances
  • broken phones
  • lights not working
  • electrical repairs

If the problem occurs Monday to Friday contact the Accommodation Officer on 6207 4661 between 9am and 5pm.

Out of Hours and Weekends repairs

For Bruce Residence contact Bruce Campus Estate Office on 6207 4000 between 7.30am and 10.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Otherwise, residents need to report any maintenance problems to the Residence Assistants (RA) assigned to that area. The RA then reports to Security 1 who will assess the severity of the problem and contact contractors or maintenance staff as necessary.

If an RA is unavailable other residents are responsible for contacting Security 1.

Students are not permitted to carry out any maintenance repairs on any appliance or the building.

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Student Services

CIT also offers a variety of student services to all CIT student residents. See Support Services for more information.

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A condition of your accommodation contract is that you clean your own room. This means you should vacuum and dust your room at least once a week.

There will be spot checks on a regular basis by the accommodation officer to make sure the rooms are being kept in good condition and maintenance is carried out as necessary.

For the comfort and safety of other residents you are expected to:

  • Wash up your dishes and any other kitchen appliance that you have used, after each meal
  • Keep kitchen benches and sinks clear of your property at all times
  • Wipe up any spills on the floor immediately
  • Take garbage out on your rostered day
  • Empty bins and ashtrays
  • All residents are expected to leave the kitchen/lounge area and bathroom clear of personal belongings for easy access by cleaners and for the comfort of other students.

The residence is cleaned twice a week by professional cleaners, they are responsible for:

  • vacuuming all corridors, carpet in the dining and lounge areas, and kitchen area.
  • mopping all linoleum floors
  • toilets, showers, basins in bathrooms
  • wet dust and wipe down surfaces in all communal areas.

Students need to clean their own bedroom as required.

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  • Garbage bags are provided for the bins in the kitchen and laundry areas.
  • There will be a roster for all residents to take turns in removing the rubbish from kitchen and laundry and placing it in the larger outside rubbish bins.
  • We encourage residents to be environmentally friendly and place recyclables in the recycling bin (green with yellow lid) provided outside, making sure to squash down plastic bottles and boxes before placing them in the bin. (Don't put plastic bags or food scraps in the recycling bins).

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First Aid

If First Aid is necessary:

  • Check with other students to see if there is a qualified First Aid Officer in the Residence immediately.
  • If hospital treatment is required call 000 for an ambulance.

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