Rent or Share Accommodation

Students have the option to independently rent their own property in Canberra or live in share accommodation with other people/students.

There are hundreds of properties to choose from, so here are some helpful websites to aid in your search.

Renting Your Own Property

Rental accommodation is available in Canberra. Ensure you arrange this ahead of your arrival so that you have suitable accommodation when you arrive.

Visit the following websites for a listing of rental properties available in the Canberra Region:

Useful information specific to renting in Canberra can be found here:

These websites are independent of CIT and these property options should be thoroughly investigated prior to signing contracts. CIT is not responsible for any external contracting arrangements that you may undertake outside of CIT.

Share Accommodation

The CIT Student Association has a website that offers additional accommodation options. People looking for students to share their house, townhouse or unit use this site to advertise. Access to the website is available to all current and prospective CIT students.

Share accommodation is also advertised in the Canberra Times Property Guide on Wednesday and Saturday each week. Pick up a copy at your local newsagency or visit:

Fake Rental or Share Accommodation Scams

Scams are schemes and ventures that promise unrealistic opportunities to create wealth from investments. THE GOLDEN RULE OF SCAMS: If it sounds too good to be true it probably is!!

The Office of Regulatory Services is warning interstate and international university and tertiary college students to be wary of cheap rental properties being advertised on Canberra ACT rental and share accommodation websites, as the shortage of rental accommodation in Canberra has led scammers to post fake listings on these websites.