Guardianship arrangements are required for international students under 18 years of age to ensure their welfare whilst studying at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT).

What is Guardianship?

Guardianship is welfare arrangements for students under 18 years of age. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) states that:

If you have not turned 18 you must maintain adequate arrangements for your accommodation, support and general welfare until you reach the age of 18 whilst staying in Australia.

To maintain adequate arrangements for welfare you must stay in Australia with:

  • your parent or legal guardian, OR
  • a relative who has been nominated by your parents or legal guardian who is aged over 21 and is of good character, OR
  • accommodation, support and general welfare arrangements that have been approved by your education provider.

If you are an International student under the age of 18 you will require guardianship arrangements to allow you to study in Australia. Guardians assist to the student by:

  • Providing safety and security information
  • Helping the student to adjust and assisting them in understanding the cultural conditions so that they can undertake safety measures during their stay in Australia
  • Helping the student settle in and adjust to studying in Australia and improve the quality of their educational experience
  • Providing a high level of care and support services to aid them in becoming a happy and responsible young adult

What are my options for guardianship at CIT?

There are two acceptable categories of guardianship.

Parent, Relative or Family Friend

Some students may have a parent/legal guardian, relative or family friend in Canberra who is able to fulfill the guardianship role.

If a parent/legal guardian is to be the guardian, you must provide to the International Services Unit (ISU):

  • Your name, address, telephone numbers (home, work, mobile) and email address
  • Evidence that you hold or are entitled to an appropriate Australian Visa

If the parents/legal guardian are nominating a family member or friend as guardian, this person must be over 21 years of age, and must provide to the ISU:

  • A letter appointing the relative or friend as guardian, including the name, address, telephone numbers (home, work and mobile) and email address of the relative. This must be signed by the parent/legal guardian.

Paid Guardianship Services

Paid professional guardianship is required in all other circumstances. CIT has a contract agreement with AHN Services and as part of this contract the following guardianship companies are registered to provide this service:

Parents/legal guardian/agents are required to select one of the above a guardianship company’s and make the necessary arrangements, including payment directly to the agency.

Your chosen Guardianship company will notify CIT and advise us of the guardianship arrangement including the name of the guardianship agency, the guardian’s name, address, telephone numbers (work, home, mobile) and email address.